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About Us

Who we are and what do we do ?

Supportive housing, parenting support and life skills development for young mothers ages 16 – 28 who are independently parenting their child or children and who are in immediate need for housing and or supportive advice and help with life skills

  • The GUIDING HANDS ORGANISATION is housed in one building it is a registered community interest company through companies house and are also governed by and follow the policies and legistlaton as set down by OFSTED through the residential family centre national standards

  • GUIDING HANDS is staffed by a wonderful group of professionals giving direct support to families and Young Mothers by Family support workers, Program staff, child-minding staff. The house is staffed 24hrs a day so there is support available to GUIDING HANDS families round the clock. Residential support staff are on duty weekends and evenings. Individual support is provided via our key workers and mentoring programs which are all in house.

  • We also help young mothers to make use of other services in the community, and to keep any ties that you already have with family, friends, teachers, counselors, etc, who are supportive of you


  • offers a stable, safe,nurturing environment enabling young mothers to learn about and focus on parenting.

  • Participants receive a well equipped double bedroom  with access to common areas such as a program room, children’s playroom and backyard playground, individualized case management and home visitation support, group programming incorporating community members and resources and 24 hour access to on-site staff and peer support.

  • Group programming are aimed at health promotion, independent living/household management skills, parenting skills, and building knowledge in the areas of child development, woman abuse, healthy relationships, self-advocacy, poverty, and racism and healthy living.

  • Support, education, referrals, and advocacy will be provided to assist mothers in returning to school and/or work and pursuing their goals.

  • To be eligible individuals must identify as young women ages 16 to 21 who are independently parenting their child or children.  Tenants are able to live in the GUIDING HANDS program for up to 12 months.

  • Addition support on one to one can also be included within any young Mums stay at the house which can all be arranged via referal agency within the placement plan.

  • Guiding Hands also runs a variety of workshops for all young mothers not in residence within the house on a daily basis. Please see booking page


GUIDING HANDS’s programs will help you to meet other young mums and get information on new skills.